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Louisiana Right to Life
Louisiana Right To Life
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At Louisiana Right to Life, our Louisiana Needs Peace Not Abortion Conference, is approaching quickly. We are anticipating a jammed packed conference with speakers such as, Ryan Bomberger from the Radiance Foundation, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi from the Coalition of Abortion and Breast Cancer and even a special "Abortion Hurts Women's Heath" Panel led by Wendy Vitter.

If YOU are looking for ways to live our your pro-life conviction, or simply want to learn more register for our Louisiana Needs Peace Conference held in New Orleans on November 1st-2nd!   

For a Pro-life Louisiana,

Benjamin Clapper


Did you know that women with a history of abortion may be up to twenty times more likely to develop breast cancer? Find out why by attending our Louisiana Needs Peace Conference on November 2nd. Download the flyer and share with friends and family! You can register online or give us a call at: 1.866.463.5433

Join us for these events that will bring us one step closer to an abortion-free Louisiana!

This evening, Louisiana Right to Life's Assistant Director Ryan Verret will host a "Pro-Life Town Hall" in Oak Grove (northeast corner of Louisiana).  From all accounts, the whole town will be there, including the Sheriff to lead in the pledge!  

Our Pro-Life Town Halls partner with local organizations to educate and engage the local citizens in the pro-life cause.  If you are interested in hosting a town hall in your community, please contact us today!


Join us for the premier of the movie, "Doonby" at our Louisiana Needs Peace Conference on Saturday November 2nd. Doonby is a pro-life film and stars John Schneider, Jenn Gotzon, Robert Davi, and Ernie Hudson. 
"Doonby" has already received widespread critical acclaim, including an endorsement from the Vatican through the L'Osservatore Romano. Watch the trailer by clicking here!
Also beginning November 1st, the movie will be showing in theaters near you. Visit the official website at DoonbytheMovie.com.

Please consider making a charitable contribution to Louisiana Right to Life. With your generosity, we can continue our lifesaving work throughout the state, and stand as a leader throughout the nation.

Donate to Louisiana Right to Life Foundation!

Lighting the Way to A Pro-Life Louisiana!
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If Destined to Suffer, Destined to Die:
Why People Abort Down Syndrome Babies

90% of women who are given the prenatal diagnosis that their baby will have Down Syndrome end the life of their unborn child. This unnerving statistic reminds us in the pro-life community that we need to work harder to protect the rights of the disabled. It is true that children affected by Down Syndrome have unique challenges and struggles. They are born with an extra copy of chromosome 21, which stunts their growth both intellectually and physically. They sometimes require additional medical care because they are more prone to medical conditions such as: thyroid problems, intestinal abnormalities, heart defects, seizure disorders, and infections. It is also noted that hearing and vision loss are common in people with Down Syndrome. 

However, this does not mean they cannot go on to live relatively healthy and happy lives. Some finish high school and college and go on to start businesses and even star in TV shows. These individuals have limitations, but is that a sufficient reason to end their life?

Ironically, a common argument we hear for justifying aborting babies with Down Syndrome is, "We would not want to bring a child into the world only to see her suffer, terminating would be a kind, even humane act." This twisted ideology is surfacing more and more in our society. For example, in 2012, a Oregon family won a $2.9 million dollar "wrongful birth" lawsuit after a hospital missed their daughters Down Syndrome diagnosis. The parents said that they would have terminated the pregnancy if they had not been assured that their baby did not have the genetic condition.

In other words, they would have had an abortionist dismember their daughter limb by limb- and they would have done so because it was the humane choice.  Ask yourself, if your father was limited by cancer and had to suffer through chemotherapy, or you had a child with autism who was ridiculed by peers,would you be ok with someone killing them because they would have to face hardship? Would you say the kindest thing society could do would be to end their life? Of course not. People with disabilities they may be limited by disabilities are worthy of the same dignity given to the rest of us.  

The same goes for children with Down Syndrome. They should not be defined by their capabilities or struggles, but by the fact that they are a part of the human family. When we begin to define a person's value by what they can or cannot do, we are taking steps toward an ugly future, where society decides when a life is worth elliminating. 

Abby Johnson to Speak in Baton Rouge: Wednesday October 23rd 

Ever wanted to hear from someone who actually ran an abortion facility?

On Wednesday, October 23rd Former Planned Parenthood (PP) Director, Abby Johnson will be sharing her journey from abortion industry leader to pro-life advocate at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Baton Rouge.  In 2009, Abby Johnson left her director position at Planned Parenthood  after witnessing an ultrasound guided abortion. Ever since, Abby has worked to expose PP's fraudulent use of tax-payer money and their agenda to sell more abortion.  

Since Planned Parenthood is our nation's largest abortion business, performing 330,000 abortions annually, it is our hope that Abby's testimony will educate and activate Louisiana citizens  to share the truth about Planned Parenthood. They are looking to expand in Louisiana, and are slated to build a 4.2 million dollar facility in New Orleans.

This abortion facility is not what our city needs to ensure a peaceful feature. We hope to see you there!  

Upcoming Events

Oct. 23, 2013: Abby Johnson to Speak in Baton Rouge

Nov. 1, 2013: Candlelight Vigil On Claiborne Avenue in NOLA

Nov. 2, 2013: LARTL Conference in New Orleans

Jan. 16, 2014: Proudly Pro-Life Dinner in Kenner

Jan. 18, 2014: Louisiana Life March in BATON ROUGE
(Noon to 2 PM)

Jan. 25, 2014: Louisiana Life March in SHREVEPORT
(10 AM to Noon)

Feb. 28 - Mar. 2, 2014: Camp Joshua Ruston

April 4 - 6, 2014: Camp Joshua Baton Rouge

July 27 - 31, 2014: Joshua Leadership Institute

Louisiana Right to Life, established in 1970, works through education, legislation, activism, and service to restore the right to life in Louisiana by opposing abortion, euthanasia, and other life destroying actions.


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