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As the end of 2013 approaches, Louisiana Right to Life is gearing up for the pro-life activities and challenges of 2014.  

In 2014, we will be preparing for a statewide voter education campaign in advance of the Senate election. Our Luminary membership program is what we hope will give us the "fuel" we need to finish the task.  Become a Member today!

Also, be sure to make plans to attend the Louisiana Life March in Baton Rouge and Shreveport today! 

For a Pro-life Louisiana,

Benjamin Clapper

P.S. Congrats to new Louisiana pro-life Congressman Vance McAllister of the 5th District!

Louisiana Camp Joshua

Are you in high school? Do you want to become a pro-life leader?

If so, sign up for our Louisiana Camp Joshua (LCJ) program. LCJ is a jammed packed weekend full of pro-life speakers, activities and more!

We will be holding at least three weekend camps in 2014: Camp Joshua RustonCamp Joshua Covington, and Camp Joshua Baton Rouge.

Registration is now open at www.CampJoshuaLA.org

For more information, contact our Youth Program Director, Cody Reed, at creed@prolifelouisiana.org. 

Did you know?

Life Site News published an article featuring Benjamin Clapper on the 20-week legislation and on our upcoming Senate election.

Louisiana Right to Life also held three press conferences around the state asking Mary Landrieu to co-sponsor the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. To read the LifeSite News article and watch our press conference click below: 

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Our new Luminary Membership Program gives you the opportunity to partner with Louisiana Right to Life to help us build our grassroots efforts in Louisiana.

As a Luminary Member, you will receive:

You can become a Member by signing up online or by calling us at 1.866.463.5433.

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Make sure you have your Choose Life License Plate!  You do not have to wait until your license plate expires to get it.

Visit www.ChooseLifeLA.org now!


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If I Could, I Would...

My "Conversation" with Senator Mary Landrieu 

By: Sarah Jones Zagorski, Communications Director

In 2012, Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law a bill protecting babies from abortion at 20-weeks fetal age based on the scientific fact that they can feel pain.

Currently, eleven other states and the House of Representatives have passed this same law protecting pain-capable babies.  Now, S. 1670, the U.S. Senate version of the "The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act", was introduced in the U.S Senate on November 7th.

Although this news is very encouraging, it is bothersome that our own  Senator Mary Landrieu hasn't stepped out in support of this legislation. With Louisiana being ranked the most pro-life state in the nation, I find this to be unacceptable. 

According to the November 8th issue of the Baton Rouge Advocate after our #TheyFeelPain press conferences, Sen. Mary Landrieu said the following concerning fetal pain legislation:

Life is precious, and I believe a gift from God. But every birth involves at least two lives: the life of the unborn child and the life of the mother. I want to support a bill that protects and values both. I will review Sen. Graham’s legislation and continue to be open to views of constituents and medical experts to see if this bill, or something similar, could achieve both of these goals."

While I am happy that Sen. Landrieu believes life is precious and a gift from God, after reviewing her voting record in the U.S. Senate, I am puzzled by her statement. 

Since 1997, Sen. Landrieu has cast 17 out of 62 votes pro-life in the U.S. Senate, giving her a 27% pro-life voting recordIf you believe that life is precious, why would your voting record show the opposite?

Despite numerous requests from Louisiana Right to Life, Sen. Landrieu has yet to co-sponsor the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. At the very least, we would hope that a Senator from our pro-life state would oppose dismembering fully-formed babies in the last four months of pregnancy, especially if they can feel it.

To clear things up, I think it would be helpful if I could sit down with Sen. Landrieu to discuss this common-sense legislation.

If I could, I would ask her, "Does it not concern you that when a woman goes in for an abortion at 20 weeks, her baby already has fingernails, can swallow and can feel pain?" 

If I could, I would ask her, "If you believe that all life, born and unborn, is a gift from God, why are you hesitant to co-sponsor a bill that would protect babies from the grim reality of late abortion?

If I could, I would remind her that the majority of Americans support legislation that protects babies in the last four months of pregnancy. 

But most of all, if I could, I would like to meet with Sen. Landrieu because she needs to be reminded that many of the babies in question here can live outside the womb. I should know.  I was one of them.

If she met with me, I would tell Sen. Landrieu my story of survival after being delivered by an abortionist at 24-weeks-old.  She needs to see what a once 24 week-old, barely breathing, and destined to die baby looks like almost 24 years later. I would tell her personally why I think it is important that we protect babies who feel pain.

Senator Landrieu, THIS IS the legislation we need to protect babies that can feel pain and possibly live outside the womb.  Louisiana citizens are counting on you to co-sponsor and actively work for the passage of this common-sense legislation.

Learn More About Fetal Pain & Take Action


2014 Louisiana Life March (LLM)

As the anniversary of Roe v. Wade approaches on January 22nd, pro-life citizens are joining together to take a stand for life.  

Jan. 18th: LLM SOUTH in Baton Rouge
Adoption: The Power of Possibilities

The Louisiana Life March in Baton Rouge will focus on adoption.  Every year adoption gives the children of our state a chance at life and a chance to succeed. Through adoption, children are saved from abortion and given hope for a future. 

Ultimately, our goal is an abortion-free Louisiana, and caring for children through infant or foster adoption will lead us closer to a pro-life future.  

Find more info online and download the flyer!

Jan. 25th: LLM NORTH in Shreveport-Bossier
4,003 Lives Too Many

Shreveport-Bossier is currently the abortion capital of Louisiana.  In 2011 alone, 4,003 abortions were performed in the two parishes. 

We must come together from across North Louisiana to save lives and build an abortion-free Louisiana.

Find more info online and download the flyer!

Please make plans to attend and spread the word!

Upcoming Events

Jan. 16, 2014Proudly Pro-Life Dinner in Kenner

Jan. 18, 2014Louisiana Life March in BATON ROUGE
(Noon to 2 PM)

Jan. 25, 2014Louisiana Life March in SHREVEPORT
(10 AM to Noon)

Feb. 28 - Mar. 2, 2014Camp Joshua Ruston  (register now!)

Mar. 7- 9, 2014: Camp Joshua Covington  (register now!)

April 4 - 6, 2014Camp Joshua Baton Rouge (register now!)

July 27 - 31, 2014Joshua Leadership Institute




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