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Is Planned Parenthood safe? Check out Sarah's review of Planned Parenthood's new Annual Report.

Also, watch the awesome video that won the 9th-12th grade pro-life video contest in New Orleans. You will love it!

As the year ends, we hope you consider a year-end gift to Louisiana Right to Life.  You can either become a member or make a tax-deductible gift to our educational account.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

For a Pro-life Louisiana,

Benjamin Clapper

P.S. 4,003! Watch and share today!

PROUDly Pro-Life Dinner

Join us on January 16th at the 15th Annual Proudly Pro-Life Dinner!

The event is held at Chateau Country Club in Kenner.  Cocktails begin at 6 PM followed by dinner at 7 PM.

We will be honoring Mrs. Cindy Collins as the recipient of our Proudly Pro-Life Award.  Cindy is a leader in the fight for life in Louisiana.  Among other notable accomplishments, she founded the Slidell Pregnancy Help Center in 1986.

Our keynote speaker will be Mother Agnes Mary Donovan, Superior General of the Sisters of Life founded by Cardinal O’Connor in 1991.

Please visit our website to purchase tickets that begin at $100.  We hope to see you there!

VIDEO: 4,003 Too MANY.

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Please watch and share this video highlighting the tragic reality that Shreveport-Bossier is the abortion capital of Louisiana.

If you are in north Louisiana, please make plans to attend the Louisiana Life March NORTH on Saturday January 25th.  Please gather at the North Lot of the Louisiana Boardwalk by 9:45 AM.  The march will then head over the Texas Street Bridge to Festival Plaza in downtown Shreveport.

In Baton Rouge at the Louisiana Life March South on Saturday January 18th, we will focus on the life-giving option of adoption.  Remember, life offers no guarentees, but abortion offers no chances.  Meet by 11:45 AM behind the Old State Capitol.  The march will begin at Noon and go to the State Capitol.


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America, Does Planned Parenthood Keep Us Safe? 

A Closer Look at Planned Parenthood's 2012-2013 Annual Report

By: Sarah Jones Zagorski, Communications Director

On December 11th, Planned Parenthood Federation of America released their annual report for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.  In the report, they list their ten most "historic" moments of the year, from new “health care centers” to “fighting” breast cancer. They even include Senator Wendy Davis’ abortion filibuster in Texas, praising her for rising up against "unprecedented" attacks on women's health.

Planned Parenthood seems especially proud that they are influencing our Latino and African-American youth through a new chat and text program online.  They even credit themselves for shifting pop culture, evident by NBC's popular television series, Parenthood, depicting the first abortion on TV in years.      

They go on to brag that our generation will be the healthiest ever, and that because of Planned Parenthood, our women will be safe from unintended pregnancies, STD's and cancer.  Seems impressive, right? From a review of their report, they sound like quite the life-saving organization. 

However, while Planned Parenthood keeps busy playing semantic word games with America, we're left to uncover what really took place at their facilities. 

In 2012, Planned Parenthood performed 327,166 abortions, maintaining their position as the largest abortion business in America.  They also raked in 1.2 billion dollars in net assets, of which almost half came from our tax dollars

Their breast cancer screening services dropped by 14% and their prenatal services by 32%.  For every one adoption referral that Planned Parenthood facilitated, they performed 149 abortions.  And, once again, they did not perform a single mammogram.      

But at least they will keep our families safe, right? 

I wonder how safe unborn babies feel when being removed from the safe haven of their mother's womb by a suction machine 29-times more powerful than a household vacuum cleaner. During a suction-aspiration abortion, the unborn child is dislodged and sucked into a tube, either whole or in pieces. Then, as we learned from former Planned Parenthood Director, Abby Johnson, after the abortion a staff member of the facility must review the parts of the baby removed by the vacuum system to ensure that all parts of the baby were indeed removed from the mother's womb. 

I wonder how safe women feel who leave Planned Parenthood, stripped of their dignity, expected to "recover" from the death of their child.  And I wonder how safe our families feel, knowing that an organization that supports late abortion, and even has representatives that support post-birth abortion, are teaching our children their views about our most sacred values. 

Why is it that in Planned Parenthood's Annual Report, they forget to mention all the women that leave their clinics maimed from botched abortions? Why do we never hear about the unsanitary conditions in some Planned Parenthood facilities, like the one in Delaware that was required to close down because the conditions were similar to Gosnell's House of Horrors?  

If Planned Parenthood did acknowledge these realities, would America believe that they were a safe, life-saving organization? Of course not.

In order to cover up the truth, Planned Parenthood confounds America in many ways.  They spends millions of dollars to refresh their brand.  They facilitate bus tours around the country to rally support of pro-abortion Senators.  They create pretty reports with bright images of safe and happy women celebrating their children. 

Planned Parenthood might want to cover it up, but we must expose the truth behind the largest abortion business in America.

Poster and Video Contest
Your Generation.  Your Voice.


This fall, over 400 area students in grades 5-12 participated in the first New Orleans Right to Life Poster and Video Contest. 

Poster 1Through this project, students had an opportunity to expand their knowledge of life-issues and utilize their unique creativity in expressing the sacredness of human life through art and media. 

The video above is the winning video for the 9th-12th grade category, and the image at the right is the winning poster for 9th-12th grade.  Visit www.ProLifeLouisiana.org/Contest to see the winning projects! 

Stay tuned as New Orleans and Louisiana Right to Life partner to expand this contest throughout the state!

Upcoming Events

Jan. 16, 2014Proudly Pro-Life Dinner in Kenner

Jan. 18, 2014Louisiana Life March in BATON ROUGE
(Noon to 2 PM)

Jan. 25, 2014Louisiana Life March in SHREVEPORT
(10 AM to Noon)

Feb. 28 - Mar. 2, 2014Camp Joshua Ruston  (register now!)

Mar. 7- 9, 2014: Camp Joshua Covington  (register now!)

April 4 - 6, 2014Camp Joshua Baton Rouge (register now!)

July 27 - 31, 2014Joshua Leadership Institute


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