Celebrate Life Wall Calendar (2017)

Louisiana Right to Life's annual calendar featuring babies from all across Louisiana! Each month features a beautiful child and includes inspirational messages and information about the pro-life movement in our state.
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Description Since 1974, New Orleans Right to Life has published a Right to Life Calendar that showcases the beauty of life through the photos of babies and children in our community. Not only is the calendar full of fun & interactive material, but it is designed to educate & inspire those who see it.

Buy and Sell in Bulk - If you are a youth group, pregnancy center, or any other group that is pro-life, buy the Right to Life Calendars in bulk and sell them as a fundraiser. Pro-life groups in Louisiana have been doing this for years!

Organizations - Distribute the Right to Life Calendars to your members, donors, etc. What better way to provide supporters with information and dates they will have at their fingertips year round?

Individuals - Buy Some For Yourself, Family, and Friends: Take a look at the calendar below, and then order some for yourself! They make great Christmas gifts!