A Right to Life Chapter is the heart of the pro-life movement- connecting the national, state, and local level. Download this PDF which gives detailed information on what a chapter is and how to start one. Visit one of our eleven chapters should on the right of the page online.

Have you thought about the prospect of a LA Right to Life Chapter in your area?

Imagine- an active pro-life chapter in every parish of our state, all working to the same goal of passing pro-life legislation, electing pro-life officials, educating the community, serving those in time of pregnancy, and bringing in all churches… abortion could not survive.

Louisiana Right to Life is a Federation of numerous chapters across the state dedicated to making a difference and saving lives in their own communities. We are here to support local efforts. Join us so we can have a chapter in every parish in Louisiana.

What is a Chapter?

A Right to Life Chapter is a building block of the pro-life movement. Just as a building cannot stand without its bricks, neither can the pro-life movement succeed in its educational and legislative goals without the work of chapters on the local level

An extension of Louisiana and National RTL, a chapter is a group of people in a local community who are committed to working to spread the message of life. Together, we will keep the issue before society and blanket the nation in pro-life action.

Chapters are non-denominational and work with all people to advance the message of life in a community.

Chapters typically consist of a group of people who meet regularly to discuss pro-life issues and involvement in the community. The outcome of planning may include, but is certainly not limited to:

  • legislative action, whether local or with the State or National RTL.
  • educational events, such as classroom presentations and booths at fairs.
  • targeted outreaches, such as working with the youth or churches.
  • service efforts, such as Sidewalk counseling and Pregnancy Resource Centers
  • and general activism, such as Marches and walks that will keep the issue before the community.

While the core purpose of chapters is the same, the structure and appearance of a RTL Chapter can vary tremendously. Some chapters are large and have plenty of involvement, with monthly meetings, fundraising, many large events, etc. Other chapters are smaller, consisting of a few people who serve as a contact point between the State Federation and their local area.

A chapter subscribes to the mission of the LARTL Federation and takes part in our state events and bi-annual State Board meeting.

Why should I start a Right to Life Chapter?

There are numerous reasons, but I will give you three:

  1. A Pro-Life Foundation- Since it does align with one Church or another, a RTL Chapter allows a central point in your community for all pro-lifers, no matter their stripe, to come and work together. On this foundation, events and education, even those already established, can draw larger crowds and have a more potent impact. Remember, Chapters do not make your former pro-life activities obsolete... it enhances them!
  2. Resource Center- Through association with the Federation and possible internal fundraising, Chapters, not dependent on another group, can gather resources to provide to people doing specific work. For example, churches often will not provide the necessary funding for resources. Through the chapter, these resources could be distributed at minimal or no costs.
  3. Right to Life Network- From D.C. to local communities, the Right to Life is vast and provides you an insight into the larger movement. Also, both National RTL and the State RTL Federation will do work for you, whether with the stances of political candidates or new manuals, resources, and ideas.

How would I get started?

  • Louisiana Right to Life is there to help, so contact them for assistance:
    • | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 1-866-463-5433
  • Gather a few members of your community active in different pro-life efforts and discuss the idea with them. Assess your community's pro-life efforts and ask:
    • What is the need for a RTL Chapter?
    • What is not being done that a Chapter could do?
    • What is our goal for this chapter?
  • Plan an initial “Right to Life Chapter Interest Meeting”.
    • Talk and advertise the event to churches, civic groups, friends, schools, etc.
    • Preferably, host the event at a “neutral” location (library, home, etc).
    • Have something to attract people to come (food, speaker, etc)
  • At the meeting:
    • introduce yourself and others. Share what motivates others to protect life.
    • have a speaker, DVD, or other pro-life media to encourage people.
    • Set goals, elect officers, open a checking account, plan events, and you are on your way!
  • One of the biggest myths is that you need a full room of people to be an effective chapter. Though it would be nice, this is not necessarily the case. All you need is a solid group of dedicated people to get your chapter off te ground and save lives!