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Posted May 2, 2011

Urge Your Congressman to Vote Yes on H.R. 3, the No Taxpayer Money for Abortion Act!

The U.S. House of Representatives is Taxpayer Actscheduled to take up a major pro-life bill -- the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R. 3) -- on or about Wednesday, May 4, 2011.Louisiana Right to Life urges you to promptly contact the office of your representative in the U.S. House, to urge him or her to support H.R. 3, and to oppose all amendments that may be offered by opponents of the bill.

To contact your Congressman, click his name in the menu at the right to get his contact information.

Currently, there is a patchwork of different federal laws that restrict federal funding of abortion. However, many of these restrictions (such as the well-known Hyde Amendment, which applies to the federal Medicaid program) expire every year -- which forces the pro-life side to re-fight the same battles in Congress, year after year. Moreover, in a number of federal programs -- notably, some major new programs created by the massive Obama health care law in 2010 -- federal subsidies for abortion are currently permissible under law. H.R. 3 would replace this leaky patchwork with a permanent, government-wide prohibition on federal funding of abortion and federal subsidies for health plans that cover abortion.

The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act is sponsored by Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-Il.), the co-chairs of the House Pro-Life Caucus. To see an always-current list of co-sponsors of the bill, click here.

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Stopping Obama from terminating the Hyde Amendment and Signing FOCA


If Presient-elect Obama and the pro-abortion Congress get their way, the next four years willObama and Baby Image not be very good for unborn human beings.  As you see, Obama signed an executive orders that destroy innocent human life.

Executive orders President-elect Obama has signed:

  • Reverse Mexico City Policy, a pro-life policy forbidding money from going to groups overseas that promote abortion.

Executive orders President-elect Obama will signed:

  • Reverse Bush decision and allow federal funding for destructive embryonic stem-cell research.

Pro-abortion legislative initiatives to defend against:

  • The termination of the Hyde Amendment, a provision that restricts the direct federal funding of abortion via tax-dollars.
  • Passage of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), a measure that would lead to the greatest expansion of abortion since 1973.  It would enshire abortion as a "fundamental right" and not allow even a State Legislature like Louisiana to pass any law restricting it.  Specifically, FOCA would:
    • Make Partial-Birth abortion legal again.
    • Invalidate all state pro-life laws restricting abortion, including parental consent.
In both these instances, Senator Mary Landrieu will be a key vote because of her role as a "moderate" Democrat.  Pro-life Louisianians must educate their fellow citizens about these two measure and encourage Senator Landrieu to "save Hyde and stop FOCA"!