Abortion Laws

All links take you straight to the text of the law found on the Louisiana Legislature's website.

Civil RS 40.1299.30 – 1299.34

  • RS 40.1299.30- Human Life Protection Act (Trigger Law 2006)
  • RS 40.1299.31- Individual/Physician Has Right to Refuse to Do Abortion
  • RS 40.1299.32- Hospital Has Right to Refuse to Do Abortion
  • RS 40.1299.33- Individual & Hospital Cannot be Denied Governmental Assistance for Refusing To Do Abortion
  • RS 40.1299.34- State Employees cannot Counsel for Abortions
  • RS 40.1299.34.5- State Public Funds cannot be used for abortions

Civil RS 40.1299.35.0 – 1299.35.18

RS 14.87.0 -87.5 & RS 88

  • RS 14.87- Abortion
  • RS 14.87.1- Prohibits Killing Child During Delivery
  • RS 14.87.2- Prohibits Human Experimentation
  • RS 14.87.3- The page is blank
  • RS 14.87.4- Prohibits Abortion Advertising
  • RS 14.87.5- Criminalizes intentional failure to sustain life and health of aborted viable fetus
  • RS 14.88- Prohibits distribution of abortifacients

Abortion Records

  • RS 40:63 – 40:66- This section details the process of colleting data from abortion facilities by the LA Dept. of Health and Hospitals (hit next at top of pages to scroll).

Outpatient Abortion Facility Licensing Laws - RS 40.2175.1 – 40.2175.6

Partial Birth Abortion


“Feticide is the killing of an unborn child by the act, procurement, or culpable omission of a person other than the mother of the unborn child.” In LA Law, it is a crime for someone other than the mother of the child to kill the child in utero.

Assorted Abortion Legislation

  • RS 37:1285- Post-Viability Abortions and Issuance of Permits
  • RS 9:2800.12- Liability for damages associated with termination of a pregnancy
  • RS 46.447.1- Forbids abortion or abortifacient information in Family Planning Services by the State.
  • RS 40:31.3- Forbids Abortion Counseling in Public School Health Centers
  • RS 40:48- Birth Certificate Necessary when Abortion results in Live Birth
  • RS 17:281- Sex Education in Public Schools cannot include Counseling for or promotion of abortion
  • RS 40 1300.242- Women’s Health Commission cannot counsel or promote abortion