Louisiana Embryo Related Legislation

  • RS 9:121-RS 9:133- Section Relates to Topics of the Embryo & In Vitro Fertilization*
    • RS 9.121- Defines the Embryo
    • RS 9:122- Defines Use of Embryo in In Vitro
    • RS 9:123- Defines Embryo as Juridical Person
    • RS 9:125- Embryo is Separate from Facility
    • RS 9:126- Embryo is Biological Human Being

*LARTL highlights this section because, in dealing with In Vitro Fertilization, Louisiana Law respects the fertilized ovum (embryo) as a "separate" "juridical person" and a "biological" human being with certain rights. We link the specific sections that define embryo in this way. However, the first link enables one to read the entire section.