2009 Legislative Session

2009 Legislative Session

2009 Legislative Session

 Session Details:

  • Monday, April 27, 2009 to June 25, 2009
  • The 2009 Session is a "Fiscal" session, meaning it is shorter in length and each member can only have five non-fiscal bills.

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June 24th, 2009

Louisiana Health Care Rights of Conscience Protected!

HB 517 Passes Louisiana Legislature and heads to Governor Jindal.

HB 517 Passed in LA!
Baton Rouge, LA - The Louisiana Legislature has placed its stamp of approval on a measure to grant additional protections to the conscience rights of health care professionals in Louisiana.

On Wednesday, June 23rd, HB 517, authored by Representative LeBas (D-Ville Platte), was approved by the House of Representatives with a vote of 88-12. A day earlier, the measure passed the Senate by a vote of 31-2, where it was carried by Senator Jody Amedee (D-Gonzales).

HB 517, which has been in the Governor's "packet" of legislation since the beginning of the session, now heads to the desk of Governor Jindal to receive his signature.

Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life Federation, said the following on the passage of HB 517, "The passage of the Louisiana's Health Care Rights of Conscience Act gives Louisiana's health care professionals, both present and future, the ability to excel in their profession without concerns that they will be coerced into providing some service that is against their conscience."

Clapper continued, "Even though this legislation received sustained attacks from Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, Louisiana understood that conscience rights should be protected in both the public and private sector, especially when the Obama Administration is moving to rescind federal protections on conscience."

"We consider the passage of this Health Care Rights of Conscience Act a pro-life victory that again shows why Louisiana is one of the most pro-life states in the country," Clapper concluded.
Thank You to everyone who supported HB 517!

Pro-Lifers speaking with Sen. ClaitorThanks to the calls and emails of pro-lifers, as well as the many pro-lifers who were present on June 22nd to support conscience!

While LA Right to Life was relentlessly working over the past weeks to earn our Senators' support of HB 517, it was not till around 40 pro-lifers descended on the Senate on June 22nd morning that the victory was in hand.  The photo at the right shows pro-lifers asking Senator Claitor (R-Baton Rouge) for his support of HB 517.  Thanks to all who valiantly came out!

2009 Legislative Agenda

Here is a look at the bills we supported and opposed during this 2009 Legislative Session.  Final updates are coming!


  • Comprehensive Healthcare Rights of Conscience (HB 517)Louisiana Right to Life Logo
    • Author: Representative Bernard LeBas (D- Ville Platte)
    • Purpose: Protects the right of all health care workers, from physicians to pharmacists to nurses, to object from participating in any health care service that violates their conscience.
    • Other Details: With the recent movements of the Obama Administration to rescind certain federal conscience protections, this legislation provides a firewall against anything coming from DC.  Mississippi is the only state to have similar legislation.
    • Status: Passed Legislature and awaiting signature of Governor Jindal!
    • Download LARTL Press Release
  • Human Animal Hybrid Ban (SB 115)Hybrid Kid
    • Author: Senator Danny Martiny (R-Metairie)
    • Purpose: Ban the creation of human animal hybrids in Louisiana.
    • Other Details: While this seems like science fiction, the UK has already moved forward on cloning hybrids by inserting a human nucleus into a non-human oocyte/egg (such as cow).  By passing this bill, our legislature would prevent any hybridization in Louisiana before it begins.
    • Status: Signed by the Governor!

  • Choose Life License Plate Reauthorization (SB 289)
    • Authors: Senator Appel (R-Metairie) and Senator Walsworth (R-Monroe)Choose Life Plate
    • Purpose: A technical bill that streamlines the Choose Life License Plate program in order to more efficiently distribute funds to pro-life pregnancy centers across the state.
    • Status: Passed Legislature and awaiting signature of Governor Jindal!
  • Creation of annual "Louisiana Pro-Life Week" (SCR 57)Pro-Life Week: First Week of June
    • Author/House Carrier: Senator Long & Rep. Hoffman
    • Purpose: Presented in response to the "Planned Parenthood Day" resolutions, SCR 57 annually designates the first week of June as "Pro-Life Week in Louisiana"
    • Status: Passed Legislature and awaiting signature of Governor Jindal!


  • Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) of 1972 (SCR 7)
  • Anti-Protest / Anti-Sidewalk Counseling Law (SB 74)
    • Author: Sen. Edwin Murray (D-New Orleans)
    • Purpose: Prevent demonstrating by people outside schools, hospitals, and possibly abortion facilities.
    • Progress: Due to opposition, Senator Murray pulled the bill!
  • Planned Parenthood Day (SCR 46 and HCR 66)
    • Authors: Sen. Jackson and Rep. Peterson
    • Purpose: Recognize Planned Parenthood as an admirable organization in LA.
    • Status: Both bills buried in committee and defeated!


  • LA POST Study Resolution (SCR 43)
    • Author: Senator McPherson
    • Purpose: Creates a study on whether the LA POST (Physician's Order for Scope of Treatment) program and form should be implemented in Louisiana.
    • Our Perspective: If enacted, the LA POST program would have an impact on how end of life issues are faced in Louisiana.  LA Right to Life will be a member of this study resolution to evaluate the LA POST program.
    • Status: Passed Legislature and awaiting signature of Governor Jindal.