Human Cloning and Stem Cell Research

March 9th, 2009 

President Obama Uses Tax Dollars to back Unsuccessful Research

"The decision today to use our tax dollars to pay for embryonic stem cell research that has proven to be unsuccessful is irresponsible, especially when ethical alternatives are treating diseases as we speak."  --Benjamin Clapper, Director, Louisiana Right to Life


Stem Cell Research Education 

>>> Human Cloning is effectively banned in Louisiana!  Learn more about the new law.

>>> For a quick look at why ESCR and cloning should be banned, see our "Three Reasons". 

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There is plenty of confusion in society today about human cloning and stem cell research.Backing Banning Image We hope to clarify the terms and leave with a solid understanding of the issue.

Read our three principles and then move on to the next section link found at the bottom of each page. Our sections on cloning and stem cells follow an order found on the right of this page.

Here are our three principles with regard stem cell research:

  1. The fundamental motivation that has lead society into this debate is the hope for treatments and cures for diseases. LARTL joins other groups in hoping that our scientific progress can lead to both treatment and cures for diseases.
  2. However, LARTL is against the destruction of innocent human life, whether in abortion or for the purpose of research. For this reason, we are against research that entails the destruction of human life, including embryonic stem cell research. Our further discussion will tell us why.
  3. LARTL supports ethical research that utilizes the healing possibilities of stem cells. This includes adult stem cell research, which has shown the ability to treat current diseases, and induced pluripotent stem cell research, which recent studies have confirmed have similar capabilities as embryonic stem cell research, but is completely ethical.

As we have stated, all sides are searching for methods that can develop cures. The catch is how these cures can be found. Lets dive into the science of stem cell research.

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