Center for Medical Ethics

Encouraging a Life-Affirming Medical Ethic at All Stages
Ryan Verret, Director

Is the rationing of our health care in the future (or the present)?
Is the assisted suicide movement gaining traction in the United States?
Is Louisiana vulnerable to the expansion of these attacks on the ill and disabled?
Are you educated on advance directives and the "Will to Live" document?

Ryan VerretFor years, Louisiana's pro-life movement has focused the majority of it energies on the destruction of life through abortion. But a lack of a sense of urgency and inadequate

education has led to confusion surrounding these and other questions dealing with the ill, disabled, and elderly.

In light of efforts to expand assisted suicide outside of Oregon, as well as new federal health care mandates, our mission to protect and inform our citizens is a priority.

The new Center for Medical Ethics serves as Louisiana Right to Life's arm in fighting to protect the elderly and individuals with disabilities and illnesses from both direct killing and denial of lifesaving medical treatment.

Through public education, and proactive legislation, we can encourage a life-affirming medical ethic at all stages of life and mount opposition to the culture of death.

Target Education Areas:

  • Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and Denial of Treatment
  • Healthcare Rationing in General and within Affordable Care Act
  • Wills to Live, Advanced Medical Directives
  • Medical Discrimination against Children/Adults with Disabilities
  • Healthcare Rights of Conscience

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Center for Medical Ethics Brochure

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