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 If you want you and your group to more confident and effective in speaking the message of life, team up with Louisiana Right to Life to hold a "Pro-Life Persuasion" Workshop!



What is a "How To Be a Persuasive Pro-Lifer" Workshop?

  • A 3-4 hour interactive workshop taught by Benjamin Clapper or Cody Reed of LARTL.
  • Workshop consists of lecture, audience participation, and partner dialogue.
  • Workshop trains pro-lifers to effectively articulate the pro-life message. Material is presented from secular perspective, and can be effective in virtually any arena.
  • The workshop is divided into four sections:
    • Restoring Meaning to the word "Abortion"
    • Simplifying the Issue
    • The Scientific Case and The Philosophical Case
    • Answering the Objections
  • Workshop comes with a workbook from Stand to Reason or Justice for All providing material and additional resources.

Benefits from a "How To Be a Persuasive Pro-Lifer" Workshop

  • Trainees will be more confident in their pro-life convictions.
  • Trainees will learn simple tools, such as "Trotting out the Toddler" and "SLED", they can use to reasonably persuade others to be pro-life.Picture from Apologetics Seminar
  • After completing the workshop, the trainee is encouraged to inquire about how they would teach Pro-Life Persuasion to their local communities.

Other Details of the Workshop:

  • Contact LARTL to schedule your workshop!